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With beautiful notes of jasmine, lavender, gold chrysanthemums, buttermilk powder, rose, chamomile to perfume the room you can't help but relax in your warm bathtub.  Let the oils and salts penetrate your skin as you melt in a relation mode as you take as short or as long as you like. Just remember that you can always make time for yourself to unwind.


  This product may be used as a bath tea.


Directions: as a soaking solution pour the desired amount into the tub and relax for your desired amount of time. 

Or you may place the desired amount of product into a satchel, place it into a bath tube to prevent petals from clogging the drain.

Ingredients: rose petals, lavender bulbs, gold chrysanthemums, epsom salt, sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, buttermilk powder, jasmine oil, rose oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil


This was created to repair, restore,  & relax you while giving you time to reflect on the beauty of life.

Sweet Serenity Bath Tea

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